Unified Messaging
Messages inundate your life-voice messages, faxes, e-mail - until you feel overloaded, overwhelmed, and unproductive. Customers and co-workers need you to be instantly available and easy to contact. Your ability to be in control and be effective depends on having the right tools and knowing how to use them.

Callegra's advanced and innovative computer telephony (CT) messaging technology adds an important component to your existing message environment. Callegra® provides a robust voice messaging platform to which you can add fax services, a Windows-based message management application, and many other advanced messaging features all designed to help you control, prioritize, and manage your messages from a single location-your e-mail inbox.

Callegra enhances and simplifies how you deal with the ever-increasing message traffic you receive each day, making you more effective, available and productive.

Southwest Technology Associates has been a fully authorized Sales and Support Partner for Callware® since 1996. Callware integrates to over 200 different phone systems, and is completely independent of the phone switch.

CallegraSPEECH® bridges the gap between voice and data communications using leading edge text-to-speech capabilities. Managing email messages through any telephone is simple, understandable and effective. No need to power up a laptop or connect a PDA-a quick call to a Callegra mailbox allows users to retrieve emails as easily as they do voice and fax messages. And it's free if you purchase before June!


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