FatPipe® Multi-path VPN takes any VPN network and makes it nine times more secure and three times more reliable, redundant and fast. It enables bi-directional data transmission over multiple VPN paths, providing high security, while ensuring that your VPN will stay "up" regardless of router, ISP, line or backbone failures on one or more paths. No inefficient BGP programming or ISP cooperation is required. Patented

FatPipe® Warp enables companies and ASPs to host servers internally, including e-mail, Citrix, and Intranet/Extranet servers by providing high availability and redundancy of Internet access, automatic and dynamic load balancing of incoming and outgoing data traffic as well as high bandwidth without inefficient BGP programming or ISP cooperation. Patented

FatPipe® Xtreme is for businesses that require high bandwidth, and highly reliable and redundant Internet access. Xtreme is a multi-router aggregator that allows you to aggregate any combination of multiple T1, T3, E1, E3, DSL, and/or ISDN lines to create a virtual "FatPipe", providing up to three times the redundancy, reliability, and speed of a company's current Internet access without ISP cooperation or BGP. Patented

FatPipe® Stream/Superstream bond multiple T1, ISDN and DSL connections for up to 512K and 2Mbps, respectively. They share similar features and benefits with FatPipe Xtreme, including web based management tools, auto fail-over, and auto reboot. FatPipe Stream and Super Stream are suitable for companies and branch offices which reliable and redundant Internet or WAN connections utilizing low speed lines. Patented


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